About Us

We love wood!


The Grain Joinery is dedicated to giving our customers overall service satisfaction. Our service is based on the vast business experience of the owner, and the innovation, enthusiasm and modern approach of our well-trained joiners. Because we are a small operation, we are able to give personal service. We aim to keep appointments, meet deadlines, deliver quality work and charge prices that are competitive, but not outrageous.  

Experienced Management 

David Sunney,  the owner of The Grain Joinery has been in the woodworking business for 28 years. "My speciality is building good relationships with my customers, understanding their requirements and making sure they get what they want.  I am a hands-on manager and you're very likely to find me on the workshop floor".

  Why we love wood

Wood is sustainable, naturally beautiful, renewable, durable and ages well.  With all the latest paint finishes available, you can add your own sense of style to the most ordinary pieces. From an environmental perspective, wood is a true "green" material. 

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