Why Choose Wood?

It has a natural beauty, it's versatile, environmentally friendly and



Wood has a proven tested performance in many  applications where there is a very corrosive environment or high levels of acidity that would eat away other materials.  Even in blazing fires, wood of the appropriate dimensions meets the most stringent tests. Wood also provides excellent acoustic insulation.  From an environmental perspective, wood is renewable, organic, non-toxic, waste-efficient, recyclable and biodegradable.  It uses up far less energy and causes less pollution in its processing than other materials of construction.  In short, wood is the true "green" material.  But it's the wholesome, natural patina of solid wood that makes it irresistable.


















You may be tempted to go for the cheap, quick fix when doing home renovations or replacing furniture, but in the long term, using wood would be a wise decision.



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